QC System

The QC-System is an additional module (Add-On) for MikroWin. This module enables you to monitor the quality of measurement instruments (Reader) controlled by MikroWin. The system consists of a software component (Add-On for MikroWin and QC-Database) and a QC-Plate used for the verification of microplate photometers. The QC System requires a successful installation of MikroWin 2010 or higher.

Using the QC-System, a microplate reader (photometer) is checked at regular intervals. Herewith, the QC-System supports you in performing the quality control of your instruments. Once a photometer is added to the QC-System, all measurements performed with this device are monitored. If there is actually no valid QC-Measurement available for the device, the user gets a message to perform a QC-Measurement before using it to run an assay. After successful completion of a QC-Run the instrument is validated for a predefined, configurable period of time. During this time, all routine measurements performed with this device are automatically linked with the last QC-Run. After expiration of the defined period, the user receives a message to perform a QC-Run for that Instrument.

The supplied QC-Plate has specific characteristics in which the accuracy and the precision of the instrument (photometer) can be checked. The plate has 4 tight holes at positions A01, H01, H12 and A12 to verify the plate transport mechanism. It contains also 4 neutral density filter with declining transmission values ​​at positions D06, D08, D10 and D12 to check the linearity of the instrument. In addition, the neutral density filters of position D06, D08 and D10 are used to verify the instrument accuracy. For the neutral glass filters of those positions, calibration values (NIST traceable with DAkkS certificate, a variant without certificate is also possible) are determined. The determined calibration data is specific to your QC-Plate and part of the QC-System. A re-calibration of the QC-Plate every two years is required. The row B as well as the column 2 of the QC-Plate is used to check the individual measurement channels. Many instruments do measure an entire column or row of the microplate at the same time, so we have to ensure that all channels work equally.


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