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Labsis provides high quality and unique rack/microplate based data reduction and data management software.

Our unique product line has software solutions for any kind of data reduction and processing up to full-featured reading and analysis platforms for allmost all rack/microplate based systems.

Our software is able to control and combine instruments used in clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical research. These instruments are detection devices like microplate based Luminometer, Fluorometer, Absorbance Reader, rack based Gamma and Liquid Scintillation Counter as well as automated Liquid Handling devices and Host-, LIMS-Systems. 


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MikroWin PlateOrganizer

Identify your samples. Add meta data to each sample. Assign assays to perform to each sample. Print ToDo lists for manual pipetting.


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MikroWin PlateProcessor

Pipett samples into microplates for multiple tests in parallel. Print ToDo lists for manual pipetting.


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Control your microplate based Instrument. Combine sample identifier data and measurement values. Calculate assay results and generate appropriate reports.


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MikroWin QC-System

Use the MikroWin QC-System to verify your microplate based reader. Repeat QC on defined intervals. Assign QC to each performed assay. Utilize QC database for audit trails.